A list of our rules

General terms and conditions

Most people only decide to read the long list of General Terms and Conditions when a conflict has already occurred, so we decided to just list a couple of rules.

  • The relationship between FIELE and the buyer should be based on mutual trust.
  • The products you buy in the FIELE web shop will be packaged with the greatest possible care; we expect our clients to take the same care when unpacking.
  • If clients are not satisfied, they can return the product within 14 days and have the purchase amount refunded. The client will pay for the shipping costs when returning goods, except when FIELE is demonstrably the defaulting party; in that case, FIELE will pay those costs.
  • In case of product imperfections or other disappointing aspects, FIELE will at all times do its utmost to find an acceptable solution for both parties.
  • Agreements made between FIELE and the client apply to orders and deliveries other than through the web shop.