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We believe FIELE fits into every interior. Moreover, it can be used everywhere in your home. From coffee tables in the living room to wardrobes in the bedroom, from complete kitchens to walls and floors. Woven cloth combined with wood, resin, lacquer and epoxy is the basis of everything we make. This combination not only makes it strong, but also easy to care for. Find more inspiration here.

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FIELE makes coffee tables in a number of standard sizes, but also handles custom orders. Complete wardrobes, kitchens, floors or doors: we make sure it will fit you and your home.

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The regional museum (Streekmuseum) in Burgum invited us to exhibit our products there, so we agreed to cover part of the walls with woven-wood and to put woven-wood frames under some of the glass wall displays. The museum has acquired those works to show them permanently. Quite useful information in case you are interested in our products, because this provides a non-binding opportunity to get a feel of them.

The kitchen work tops here are about 5 m long and attached to a 16 m long cabinet wall (including a built-in refrigerator) that connects the kitchen to the living room.

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Want to see more? We regularly post photos of new projects and products here and on our Facebook page.

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We designed a woven-wood wardrobe for this client. The wardrobe has the 'push to open' or ‘tip on’ closing system, so there is no need for knobs or handles, focussing the attention on the weaving. A similar closing system is available for drawers.

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If you have questions about sizes, specific wishes or ideas, please let us know and we will try to find fitting answers and solutions.

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