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Frequently asked questions


What is the delivery time of FIELE products?

Our coffee table is available in a number of standard sizes. After ordering, this product will be delivered within a few days. Custom-order products have a longer delivery time, but we aim to deliver the items as soon as possible. You can indicate a desired delivery date and we will keep you informed on the production process.

What does FIELE mean?

‘Fiele’ is the Frisian word for ‘feel’. Frisian is the official minority language in the Netherlands, which is spoken in the Dutch province of Friesland. Normally, when you set out to buy furniture, you focus on what you see. The woven-wood products adds the irrepressible urge to touch the fabric exterior of the woven-wood materials. Just to experience the feeling. That is FIELE.

Is FIELE furniture easy to clean?

Yes, you can simply wipe down the FIELE tables with a wet cloth with a mild detergent, just like you would clean a wooden table. The top is coated with several layers of resin and lacquer to prevent water and stains from penetrating the cloth. Smudges and stains are easily wiped off with a mild detergent (like dishwashing liquid).

Does FIELE offer a warranty for its products?

If your FIELE product does not meet the quality you expected, please contact us. We always try to find a suitable solution.

Can the FIELE creators help me design a product?

Yes, they certainly can. Klaas Bokma is a visual artist with a passion for design, architecture and interior. He designs and makes furniture for FIELE. If you want to apply FIELE to, for example, your walk-in closet, a cabinet, door or bench, then Klaas Bokma can assist you in designing or he can take on the entire design process.

Are the FIELE products for sale in stores?

No, the FIELE designs are exclusively available in this web shop or can be bought from the creators of the FIELE products in the Frisian town of Gytsjerk. Klaas Bokma and Lysbeth Leistra warmly welcome you by appointment at their farmhouse. There, you will get ideas and see the many different possibilities of woven-wood, and the owners will gladly tell you all about their products.

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