Fiele 16A38

Almost all of the FIELE coffee tables are unique, not only because the choice of colours but also the order of the yarns that are used in the weaving process is different every time. In addition, as far as we know, we are the only ones in the world to apply this particular technique to fuse cloth and plywood.

  • 54 × 128,8 × 35,5 cm
  • Black, Blue, Gray, Green The colours shown may differ slightly from the actual colours used.
  • Delivery: 3-5 working days
  • Not satisfied? We offer a 14 day money return guarantee.
  • One of a kind

    Each table has a unique design with hand-woven fabric.

    Fully protected

    Easy to clean due to a protective matte lacquer.

    The eye-catcher of your interior.

    Choosing FIELE means choosing an eye-catching design, lively colours and quality. FIELE stands out in every interior. Whether your interior is colourful or you like neutral tones combined with some accent colours: FIELE always works.

    Hot Branding

    Everything FIELE makes is unique, because of our production technique. To underline that, all of our furniture bears a hot-branded mark and a product number.

    35,5 cm
    54 × 128,8 × 35,5 cm
    129,5 cm
    12 kg
    Black, Blue, Gray, Green
    Frame and Legs: native maple, Plywood: poplar, Weaving: residual yarns,
    4 Bolts
    4 Shims
    4 Legs
    1 Spanner / Wrench

    Fiele 16A38

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