The FIELE creations are made of hand-woven fabrics, plywood, UV-resistant resins, glues and lacquers, and sometimes PU or epoxy resin is used.

The Yarns

The various yarns we use for our cloths are mainly sourced from the textile industry (remnants and overstock). Synthetic fibres, wool, cotton, we combine them all, and the same goes for different thread types and thread thickness.
Eventually, the woven yarns are placed in a cured basin of resins and lacquers and then only colour and composition is important.

Maple and Poplar

Maple – we usually construct the frames and legs for our various tables and cabinets from this native Dutch tree.
Both types of wood are light in colour, have a fine texture and are easy to process. A finishing of UV-resistant lacquer preserves the blonde colour for an extensive period. The FSC certified poplar plywood and the maple wood create harmony in our designs.