Furniture to caress

Lysbeth Leistra and Klaas Bokma are FIELE. Together, they make the colourful furniture, weave the cloths, create the designs and contribute ideas. Meet FIELE.

The people behind FIELE

Klaas Bokma is a visual artist and mechanical woodworker with a passion for design, architecture and interior. For FIELE, he designs and creates the most extraordinary (woven-) wood furniture.
Lysbeth Leistra is the weaver and responsible for the colour compositions that make her cloth creations so unique.

Their work comes together in the FIELE products presented to you on this website.

One of a kind

Each table has a unique design with hand-woven fabric.

From coffee tables to cast floors

From coffee table to cast floor, from cabinet to wall, from door to kitchen unit, from stool to bench, we offer countless possibilities. Make an appointment to visit us in Gytsjerk and explore the possibilities.

FIELE works on private as well as commercial projects.

A unique and sustainable product: the sensation of FIELE

FIELE: woven-wood furniture

Hand-woven fabric

FIELE uses woven-wood developed in-house for the production of its designs. Woven-wood is the fusion of our own artisanal hand-woven fabric with poplar plywood. The yarns used in the woven cloths are mainly sourced from the textile industry (remnants and overstock).

More about the materials

Plywood from native maple and poplar: light-coloured and light-weight wood types

Maple and poplar

We almost always use maple wood from Dutch forests to construct the frames of our furniture. FSC produced poplar plywood is used as the base board for the woven-wood for our table tops, cabinets and (acoustic) wall panels.

More about the materials

Our artisanal production process.

1. Design

Every piece of furniture starts with a design. Klaas Bokma designs and manufactures the furniture for FIELE, but also for you.

2. Weaving

Lysbeth Leistra weaves the most spectacular cloths with a variety of coloured yarns.

3. Interweaving Wood and Cloth

A glue roll applies the cloth to the plywood board to produce the woven-wood.

4. Protection

To ensure the sustainability of the cloth, several layers of water-based resin and lacquer are applied to the woven-wood. This protects it against discolouration and scratches, and makes it easy to clean.

5. Cutting to Size

After curing, the board is ready to be cut to size and fixed to, for example, the poplar frame of the coffee table. The demountable table legs are then fitted. In case of shipment, you will need to fit the table legs yourself.

6. Shipment

Each piece of furniture is carefully packed. A fitting instruction is included, as well as assembly tools, if necessary.